Why Did Google Chrome Forget Or Remove All My Passwords? (How To Fix)

The quick answer is it’s very unlikely chrome “lost” your passwords unless you removed them yourself. Chrome saves passwords on your PC to an encrypted file to be kept safe from hackers, among other things. Let’s assume your google chrome passwords arent lost but something else has happened.

Sign in or out of google chrome

Sign in or out of your Google account. If you’re unable to use autofill passwords this could be due to them being tied to your google account. You can click the top three dots in the corner or simply go to https://www.google.com and click the top right image to change your account.

This will typically fix the issue.

Make Sure Google Chrome Password Manager Is Enabled

You can find the password manager by going to settings, then on the left select “auto-fill”. This should bring up the password manager. Make sure “offer to save passwords and auto sign-in are both set to on. You can also slide down and see if any of the passwords you’re missing are deleted. These two options are how you get google chrome to automatically remember passwords, and auto-fill your information into websites. It will also constantly be checking your passwords against known security breaches.

Clear Cache and Website cookies

You could simply have too much going on. Go ahead and click settings again. In the search bar type “clear”. This will allow you to see “Clear Browsing Data”, go ahead and click this so a popup box appears. Then select “Cached images and files”, then click on the advanced tab. Here you will select cookies and other website data. Be sure to not delete all your website browsing history by unchecking those boxes in advance. Switch the time to “all-time” then simply delete.

Can I Recover Google Chrome Passwords?

Not really, these are locked to the account for a reason. Recovering passwords would allow for many security issues in the long term. You can go through your password list to store passwords you want to remember somewhere you can find them more reliably. Most people will be fine writing passwords down to be stored in a safe spot in their home.


We hope this helped you figure out why your passwords might be missing, and how to fix the issue. Google can be annoying sometimes, but they offer us plenty of free services like a password manager. Make sure you’re always checking the password manager for security breaches to keep your data safe.

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