Tiger Ice Skates vs Corepads

Upgrading your mouse skates can be excellent move, but we all have our preferences for what we’d like to get out of mouse skates. Even though skates are pretty cheap, its a good practice to know what you’re looking for before you buy it. I personally love Tiger Ice Skakes so I decided to write up this versus so you could make the best choice.

Tiger Ice Skates

Tiger Ice Skates are excellent skates that provide unmatched speed, but for some people these skates can be quite to fast and lack control to the mousepad. I use Tiger Ice Skates on my Gpro. I have also used Corepads. Below I’ll go over a list of what I found most interesting about both, and how they’re different.

Tiger Ice Skates Features List

  • Very Smooth and Fast Glide – You will not really feel the mousepad texture while using the Tiger Ice Skates. The feel is more like a separation.
  • High Speed – If you’re using a mousepad that is a speed pad, you’re going to have a really sensitive mouse. I had a issue where my desk was not 100% level and my mouse would actually slide slowly off my mousepad without being touched.
  • Thin and Hard – The feet are pretty thin, raising my mouse a little off the mousepad. They also are pretty tough feeling. Some mouse skates like the ones that are added to the glorious o – by default are fairly soft and with my nail I could damage them if I applied too much pressure.
  • Slow Down – I would say this is a con, but while doing task like gridshot with Aim Lab I notice that by the end of the 60 seconds it feels like a built up friction was added to my mouse. This is something I really only feel while using my gpro and Tiger Ice Skates.

These are a few things I’ve noticed about the Tiger Ice Skate Feel while using them. I think they’re pretty solid and you can grab them from numerous retailers quite cheap. I personally bought mine from amazon and received them next day.

Corpad Skates

Corpads are a very well known skate company that’s been around for ages, and theyre well loved. They provide nice control and a lovely glide. I enjoy using them on my lighter mouses due to the control also if you have a very nice textured mousepad you can actually feel the texture of the pad as you swipe across it. If you’re only playing games like Valorant or CSGO this might be a very good choice for you.

Corepads Mouse Skates Feature List

  • Smooth Glide But You Feel The Texture – You will feel the texture of your mousepad while using Corpads, this is great for some and horrible for others. The Skates also give you great control. High sensitivity players might find this more useful so they can come to stops and take back off quicker.
  • Soft Martial that will damage – If you remove the skates you’re 100% going to damage, or if you constantly have things on your mousepad.
  • Thicker Feet – Compared to the Tiger Ice these are quite a bit thicker, and should take a good amount of time to wear down and need replacements. They also include two per box, so replacing them is easy.

Slow down with these skates is not something I’ve really felt.

Which should you choose?

For general gaming I prefer Tiger Ice, if you’re someone who needs more control you might love the Corepads. I personally do not enjoy feeling the texture of the mousepad. I like to feel like I’m floating while gaming.

If you love your default skates and don’t find any issues with them I’d actually recommend sticking with them. We’re all use to different things, skates and other small things will not suddenly make you a god.


I hope this post gave you some more insight to which you should be using. If you have any questions please leave a comment.

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