Is Counter Strafing Important In Valorant

Counter strafing is important in Valorant as it allows you to come to a complete stop instantly but due to how quick you stop in Valorant the difference between counter strafing and stopping by letting go of the walk key is miniscule.

What is Counter Strafing in Valorant

Counter strafing is the act of pressing the opposing keys while moving to come to a full stop giving you 100% accuracy. This is important due to the fact letting go of your keys is not as reliable as counter strafing. Counter strafing gives you a definite way to come to a full stop.

If you play Valorant you understand how quickly a gun loses its accuracy, especially so while moving. If you’re moving you are almost for sure going to miss the first shot you fire due to Valorants RNG.

Should I learn to Counter Strafe or Let Go Of Movement Keys

While both work, counter strafing has serious benefits over letting go of your movement keys. I want to make it clear that letting go of your movement keys to stop in Valorant is a mistake you should not be making.

Pros of Counter Strafing In Valorant

  • Instant Stop – 100% instant stop, there is no questioning about timing.
  • Jiggle Taping – It is much easier to get use to jiggling around a object to hit a 1 tap if you’re couter strafing versus letting go
  • Running Head Shots – If you tape the oppsite movement key, even for a moment while running you can obtain 100 accuracy while still appearing to move full speed.

There is really no cons to using counter strafing in Valorant.


Counter strafing is a very important skill to learn if you’d like to hit higher ranks in Valorant.

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