How To Check The Battery Level Of An Xbox One Controller On PC

This is pretty easy to do, Battery level is important, you don’t want to be gaming and suddenly have your controller die mid-game. First, if you’re wanting the best wireless experience be sure to connect to your Windows PC using an Xbox wireless dongle.

Quickest Way To Check battery Level Of An Xbox One Controller On PC

Simply press your middle button. This will bring up the Windows Game Bar. You should see a battery icon that indicates the current level of the battery. It will look very similar to how it does on Xbox. If you do not see the icon for the battery, you might want to go through the widgets and see if you have any of them turned off.

How To Check My Xbox Controller Battery Life Using My Keyboard

You can access the Xbox Game Bar by pressing Windows Key + G. This will open the Gamebar and allow you to check your controller’s battery life without having to touch the controller. This can be useful if you’re in the middle of another task and want to take a peek before you begin gaming.

Can I Use My Xbox One Controller Wired On PC

100% Yes, by default Xbox controllers work with all Windows PCs. All you have to do is connect them via a USB-c or regular USB cable depending on the controller you’re using. If you do want to use the controller wireless you might need a wireless dongle.


Checking your battery life is pretty simple, I prefer the wired route though.

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