How Do I Import My Crosshair to Aim Lab (BEST WAY)

If you only play one game importing your crosshair can feel rather important. Aim lab does not have the most flexible crosshair system, nor is important it very explained it. Overall it’s rather simple tho. There are a few ways you can import a crosshair though. I’ll also show you how to import Valorant crosshair to Aim Lab.

How To Import A Crosshair To Aim Lab

There are a number of ways but I’m going to show you the actual best way. This is the best way to import a Valorant crosshair to Aim Lab. It’s also great for other games, providing you with an in-depth crosshair builder and a database of crosshairs.

  • Step 1 – Head over to and check out all the crosshairs, or builders. Pick the one you’d like to import to Aim Lab or create it.
  • Step 2 – After finding the one you’d like to import simply click it. Nine image boxes will appear. Right-click, and save any of those images. The background will automatically be removed.
  • Step 3 – Load up Aim Lab. Simply then go to crosshair in the settings, click import, and find the image you downloaded. Import, and save changes.

Congrats. You’ve done the easiest method of getting a crosshair into Aim Lab, especially from Valorant. Removing backgrounds is a pain unless you’re good with photoshop. You might have also just learned about the valorant crosshair database.


This is the easiest way I’ve found to import a crosshair into Aim Lab. Hopefully, it helped.

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