Fallout 76: List of all Mutations and What They Do

Here is a full list of all the mutations in Fallout 76. There is a total of 19 Mutations in Fallout 76. Mutations are a way to improve your experience and make gameplay a bit more enjoyable, as-well as add a special effect thats useful for character builds.

These guides will give you all the information you need about Mutations. We hope you find them useful.

List of Mutations in Fallout 76

AdrenalReactionIncreased weapon DMG at low HPMax HP -50
Bird BonesAG +4, Fall from heights more gradualSTR -4
CarnivoreNo disease from Meat and 2x bonus to Food from eating meat products.Eating fruits, and vegetables does not satisfy hunger.
ChameleonInvisibility while unarmored and standing stillMust be unarmored and stationary for effect to work
Eagle EyesCritical Damage +25%, PER +4STR -4
Egg HeadINT +6STR -3, END -3
Electrically ChargedChance to shock melee attackersSmall amount of damage done to player
EmpathDamage taken by teammates -25%Damage taken by player +33%
GroundedEnergy Resistance +100Energy Damage -50%
Healing FactorHealth Regeneration +300%Chem Effects -55%
HerbivoreVegetables provides x2 benefit and no diseaseEating meat doesn’t satisfy hunger
Herd MentalityAll SPECIAL stats +2 when groupedAll SPECIAL stats -2 when solo
MarsupialCarry weight +20, +jump heightINT -4
Plague WalkerPoison aura scaling with your diseasesDiseases
Scaly SkinDamage and Energy Resistance +50AP -50
Speed DemonMovement speed +20%, faster reload +20%50% drain on hunger and thirst while moving
TalonsPunching attacks do 25% more damage + bleed damageAGI -4
Twisted MusclesMelee damage +25%, better chance to cripple limbsGun accuracy -50%
Unstable IsotopeMedium chance to release a radiation blast when struck in melee.Minor damage to player during the radiation blast

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