Fallout 76: How To Run Faster & Jump Higher

So you want to run faster, and jump higher? There are two ways to increase your movement speed and jump height in fallout 76.

You’re going to need a perk to do so, this is the starched genes perk. You can figure out more information about how to keep mutations by checking out our post “How to Keep Mutations In Fallout 76“.

Now if you want to jump higher and move faster, you’re going to need two mutations.

Mutation 1 – Marsupial– This Mutation increases jump heigh & carry weight

Mutation 2 – Speed Demon – This Mutation increases movement speed and reloads speed.

These are the two mutations you will need to be able to jump higher and run faster. There are 3 ways to get mutations in this game. You can farm them, you can buy them, or you can craft them.

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