Fallout 76: How to Craft Mutations

Crafting Mutations in Fallout 76 is really easy, getting the serum recipes is fairly difficult though. This is a late game guide, but buying them from other players can make this rather possible mid-game.

How to Find Serum Recipes

The only way, we’ve found to find serum recipes is to defeat the Queen Beast. This is an end game boss, it is currently the most difficult boss in the game. Requiring you drop a nuke on a fissure prime site. After dropping the nuke you’re going to need around 8 highly geared players, that have high-level legendary weapons. This will be a long fight, due to how much health the Queen has. This is a rare drop from the queen as-well, but once you’ve found a serum recipe you can craft as many serums as you want.

How to Buy Serum Recipies

The only way to buy serum recipes is from other players. Players will tend to sell these for around 5,000 caps each. Sometimes you can find them cheaper, and sometimes higher. Be careful though, as duplication glitches has caused the value of these recipes to go down drastically. You don’t want to pay a duper 5,000 caps for a recipe if he has hundreds of them sitting in his stash.

How to Craft Serums

After you find, or buy a recipe you can craft them at any chemistry bench. They are not that expensive to craft. They tend to require some end game resources. We included a picture of a serum above, and the cost in that serum is around the cost of all serums.

We hope this method has helped you figure out how to craft mutations in Fallout 76.

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