Does PS5 Come With Built-in Games?

To get directly to the answer, yes, but its not exactly a triple-A title. The game that comes preloaded into a ps5 is ASTRO’s PLAYROOM. This game is used to showcase the power of the new DualShock controller offered with the PlayStation 5. There are free games on Ps5 but you’d need a internet connection to download them.

How To Get Free Games On Ps5

You can obtain free games through sony quite often. Recently they gave away GTA V Online to its subscribers. The only sad part about receiving free games this way is the need to be a PS Plus member.

How To Get Acess To 500+ Games On PS4

The other great way to get access to ps5 games or even old generation games is by signing up for PlayStation’s new PLAYSTATION PLUS tiers. Picking the tier you’d like you can gain access to numerous games just like Xbox Game Pass. They offer a few tiers and have changed the price already so be sure to check out the PlayStation website for updates on the pricing.


We know this is a small post but we like to be direct to the point. We think the wide variety of already popular free-to-play games, and the added new ps-plus means you can explore numerous genres of games for free, or cheap.

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