Craftopia: How To Refine

Refining is a process that requires a Refinery, a tool that can be crafted in Craftopia that is used to increase the damage a weapon deals. Once access to the Refinery has been obtained the next step is to acquire two weapons of the same name and refining stones. Acquiring weapons and refining stones can be done by opening chests found while adventuring and buying weapons from the merchants that can be found on most islands.  

Step 1 – Picking a weapon to use as material 

In this example I will be using a basic “Stone One-Handed Sword”. The weapon you want to refine needs to be the same type of weapon as the weapon you want to refine (they have to look the same). The enchantments on a weapon do not interfere with the refining process. In the green chest furthest to the left is the “Refining Material Weapon” chest. The weapon you place in this chest will be destroyed in order to increase the damage of your weapon of choice. In this chest you can place up to 4 weapons of the same type. 

Step 2 – Pick a Refining Stone 

Refining stones are placed in the chest in the centre named “Chest for Refining Stone”. One refining stone must be used for each weapon grade increase (+1). With that being said, if you use a weapon that already has a grade of “+1” in the “Refining Material Weapon” chest, 2 refining stones are needed to upgrade the final weapon. To put it simply, if you put an unrefined/ungraded weapon in the “Chest for Refining Material Weapon’”, 1 refining stone is required to use it and the number of stones needed increases at the same rate as the weapon grade being used/destroyed (weapons placed in “Chest for Refining Material”). Placing 4 ungraded/unrefined weapons in the “Chest for Refining Material” requires 4 refining stones. The first “+20” weapon grade upgrades will require “refining stone shards”. The stone required depends on the grade of the weapon. Low grade refining stones are needed for weapon grade upgrades of “+40 to +59”, High-grade stones for upgrades of “+60 to +99” and the highest grade of any weapon grades above “+99”. The math might seem complicated so I included a short table showing the first few weapon grades possible and the number of stones required to upgrade your final weapon.

Weapon Grade Refining Stones Required to Use+Destroy Weapon Material 

Step 3 – Pick a weapon to refine 

The weapon you want to refine is placed in the chest on the Refinery that will display the text “Chest for Refining Weapon”. This is the yellow box furthest to the right, indicated in the image above. The weapon placed in this box will receive an “attack damage boost” of +3 with each upgrade. For example, if you refine a weapon 4 times, the damage on your weapon will increase by +12. Be sure to choose a weapon with enchantments you would like as they will not change.  

Step 4: Wait for your weapon to start refine 

The refinery will take a few seconds to start running once you place all the necessary materials needed. If the refining does not begin once all the materials are placed in their appropriate chests, here are a few possible issues. 

  • You’re using the wrong refining stone. Remember the stones must match the corresponding weapon grades mentioned in step 2. 
  • You’re not using enough stones for the weapon upgrade. Simply craft or obtain more and place them in the “Chest for Refining Stone” 
  • You’re using refining stones with different names. I am not 100% sure if this is an issue but it seemed to stop my weapon from refining when I used the same stone that had different enchantments. 
  • The weapons do not match. 


We hope this helped you.

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