Craftopia Feces Not Spawning

Feces in Craftopia are used to craft saltpeter a resource needed, but for some reason it seems like feces production can be a bit buggy or slow. We’re going to go over some common issues and fixes I employed to fix this issue. Animal farming is the only true way to get this resource in Craftopia now, we might include a guide to the best farm one day.

Craftopia Feces Render Range

You’re out of render range of the feces. I noticed if I was on my island enjoying myself, none would spawn. I believe this is due to a item render distances and feces are one of those items that just simply does not have its own rendering, unlike a metal node or other resource. I would recommend standing near your feces pen but not to close to it.

Craftopia Feces Respawn Timer

Feces takes a very long time to appear. This time is then reset every single time you leave render range. If you’re constantly exploring and coming back to zero feces the biggest thing you can do is AFK near your feces farm. The first time I made a feces farm I had over 60 cows in my farm, and for some reason it still took nearly 15 minutes for me to see my first poop.

Craftopia Feces Despawn Timer

The opposite issue of that is you are having your feces despawn before you can collect it. It is highly recommend you use automated storage system to grab the feces and store it before it despawns. We are really unsure why the dev’s made feces such a weird item in this game. I would say you only have 5-10mins before the item will auto-decay.

Craftopia Feces Drop Rate

The drop rate for feces is 30% per player, or animal. It is every 20 minutes.

Craftopia Animals Are Glitching Through Walls

Your animals may be glitching through the wall. If this is happening poop could be falling under your farm and possibly under the map. Your best bet is to setup a farm that is raised above the grind, and has numerous devices sucking the poop from the farm into storage directly.


Please leave a comment with any other issues you’ve faced and fixes you might have came by.

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