Can I play PUBG Console With PUBG Mobile Users? (Full Crossplay Breakdown)

The quick answer is no. There is not currently a way to play Pubg console or PC with mobile users. There is some crossplay and other questions surrounding this we will answer below.

Can I play PUBG on PS4 or PS5 With Mobile Players?

No, Pubg PS4 or PS5 is not able to play with mobile players. Mobile PUBG and console PUBG are different games. The inputs, recoil control, shooting aspect, and even content of these two platforms are vastly different.

Can I Play PUBG on Xbox with Mobile Players?

No, you can not play PUBG Xbox with PUBG mobile players. They are different games and are not compatible. You may be able to emulate PUBG on PC to play on the PUBG mobile game though. We aren’t sure if this is against the TOS of PUBG.

Can I play PUBG Xbox With PUBG PS4 or PS5?

Yes! There is crossplay between PUBG ps4 and PS5. This is pretty common in most competitive games on consoles nowadays. Instantly doubling the player count is a great idea for the developers and both platforms.

Can I play PUBG on PC with Mobile or Console Players?

No! These again are very different games. It would also bring insane competitive differences between the games, this would make console players a very hard disadvantage against PC games.

Can I Play PUBG IOS with PUBG Android

YES! All mobile users are put into one giant pool of gamers for PUBG Mobile. This keeps matchmaking healthy for everyone and does not give anyone a competitive edge.


Crossplay is very important. It provides healthier lobbies, but with certain systems, their unfair advantages would be too much. PC users having a mouse and keyboard on the console would devastate the console community as there is no aim assist on the PUBG console.

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