Apex Legends Does Bangalore Ultimate Hurt Teammates

There is a need to understand the Legends abilities you’re using. We’re going to go over each of Bangalore’s abilities and their effects on your teammates and the enemies you’ve casted them on.

Does Bangalore Ultimate Hurt Teammates

No, Banglores Utilimate Rolling Thunder will not hurt your teammates. It will concuss your teammates for 5 seconds.

This can be quite annoying to be hit by. You should always callout when you’re going to use a ultimate ability so your team mates have time to adjust their gameplay on the use of the ultimate.

What does Bangalores Ultimate Do

Bangalores Ultimate is called “Rolling Thunder” it will allow you to throw a flare, this flare will then cause a airstrike. Missiles will land in a row formation and explode after 6 seconds of being stuck on the ground.


Understanding your legends abilities is key to becoming good at Apex Legends. We hope this answered you’re simple question if Bangalores Ultimate can damage teammates.

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