Aim Lab’s Best Routine For Valorant (Plus More)

Introduction to Aim Training for Valorant

Valorant is one of the games that benefit from Aim Lab. The simple mechanics allow you to train nearly all aspects of your aim. Now aim can only make up for so much, to climb ranked in Valorant you still need to learn the game’s other mechanics like agents, maps, economy, and more.

Valorant Aiming Mechanics

There are numerous mechanics that make up the aiming in all fps games. We’re going to go over Valorant’s mechanics below that you should focus on. Do note these games are always changing, and you need to have a good understanding of what you need to improve on.

  • Spray Control – Spraying is a word you commonly hear when someone says “Do not spray in Valorant”. Never spraying, is just as bad as always spraying. You have to learn with to spray and when not to. Guns like the phantom and vandal have a few shots that will nearly always be the same after shooting. Learning to control the shots you can before RNG takes over is key to winning more gun fights. If spraying was useless, you’d never see clips of TenZ hitting an insane spray transfer.
  • Crosshair Placement – This is by far one of the most important mechanics in Valorant to have an insane aim. Having your reticle over someone’s head as soon as they peak means it’s less aim and more about your reaction time. Keep this in mind when you’re wandering around the map. Always picture an enemy is there and keep your crosshair at headshot level.
  • Flicking – When speaking of flicking you may assume the common insane wide flick. What I mean is when you’re holding an angle you have no clue how that enemy is going to come around it. They may wide swing you, or swing close. You must be able to flick to where they are. This is more of a micro-adjustment than an actually flick.
  • Tracking – Plenty of people say how tracking is not a mechanic really used in Valorant. Well, if you practice tracking it puts you ahead of everyone who simply can not track. Being able to track Jett as she dashes mid-air, or track someone’s movement as they walk behind penetrable cover is very important.
  • Counter Strafing – Counter strafing is the action of pressing the opposite key you are currently using to move. If you’re moving left by pressing A, you will tap D letting you receive 100% accuracy while shooting. Standing still to shoot in Valorant is very important to maintain accuracy. If you often find your shots are going all over the place, it is probably due to you moving while shooting.

In-Game Aim Training Routine For Valorant

Valorants in-game practice range offers a lot to the player. It gives you the option to practice on real targets with the weapons in the game. Aim Lab simply can not replicate in-game actions. I’m going to post a few of the things I do to warm up for Valorant, and why I do them. You can take from me or search up more in-game routines to find what best fits you. Remember getting better at a game means you must be able to see where you are struggling and focus on that.

Best Practice Range In-game Routines For Valorant

  • Eliminate 50 – Just doing eliminate 50 will help you move faster and be able to do wider flicks to targets. Stand in 1 spot and with trying to only move left and right, 1 tap each of the targets as they appear.
  • Regular Practice – Shooting the bots as quickly as you while maintaining first shot accuracy will teach you each gun’s reset time. You can also incorporate counter strafing into this.
  • Counter Strafe Practice – Find a point on a wall and use just A & D strafe left and right. You should be stopping your movement by tapping the opposite key you’re using to move. Focus on doing this and burst firing a few shots. Your bullets should have tight groupings. If they are spread out it means you’re counter strafing incorrectly.
  • Spray Control – Grab the gun you enjoy most and start spraying the wall. You need to get a feel for how much of the spray you can control. Doing this to a wall at around 10-15 meters should net you good results. You can then go to the moving target and practice spraying at further distances.
  • Medium Bots – The point of hitting these bots is not to test your speed, it’s to build up the muscle memory to do the snaps. Hit every single target, nearly every single time before upping your difficulty. Your goal should be a smooth quick snap to the target’s head.

These are some basic things you can do in the firing range. Feel free to add or subtract what you’re already dominant in. Focusing on what you need help with. You can look up other routines for this to create your own custom routine you follow.

Best Aim Lab Routine For Valorant

Aim Lab offers a lot to Valorant players. We’re going to focus on most of the core concepts I said above. This won’t be an exact routine to follow but a routine you can build from with a nice foundation. Do not feel nervous about loading up more routines on Aim Labs that are in the workshop.

  • VCT NA – YAY – This routine is a mixture of micro-adjustments and tracking. Small balls will strafe left and right on your screen requiring you to be accurate and track them.
  • Sixshot Ultimate – These are small balls that spawn as gridshot does. It is very good for flicking to stationary non-moving targets.
  • Valorant Ascent Micro Flex – This will help you get used to flicking to smaller targets at further distances.
  • Microshot Ultimate – This will help you get used to micro flicking, the faster and better you get the smaller the targets become for this task.
  • Valorant Ascent Headshot -This is going to help you become comfortable snapping to small targets horizontally since this is the majority of your movement in Valorant.
  • Gridshot Ultimate – Gridshot is not the best for most games, but it can help you build up speed and accuracy while flicking to a larger target.


Learning to Aim in Valorant can be quite difficult. Hopefully, some of the things above helped you figure out a routine for yourself. Focus on what you need to improve on. If anything in this guide is wrong, or you have more to add feel free to leave a comment.

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