Aim Lab’s Best Routine For Apex Legends (Plus More)

Introduction to Aim training for Apex Legends

If you’re clicking this you want to make your shot better in Apex Legends. Most people think of Aim Lab without understanding the other core mechanics of aim in Apex Legends. I’m going to do my best to explain every aspect of the aiming in Apex Legends and provide you with ways to train them. We won’t be focusing jitter aiming or recoil smoothing in this post. Those are advanced tactics that should not be learned until your core foundation of aiming is set in stone. This guide is going to mainly focus when you ADS.

Apex Legends Aiming Mechanics

There are numerous mechanics that make up the aiming in all fps games. Apex Legends has pretty much all of them, and focusing these core mechanics can help transfer your skill between all fps games. Let’s go over them.

Recoil Control In Apex Legends

Recoil Control is the ability to counteract the recoil of the weapon you’re using. Even if you’re capable of snapping onto your target, if you can not control the recoil you’ll lose that gun fight. After enough hours of gaming most recoil controls become second nature and do not require much thought. Aim Lab has no way of accurately replicating recoil so we must do that in the firing range.

Ways To Practice Recoil Control In Apex Legends

  • Shooting Walls – This is the ideal way to begin learning recoil control in Apex Legends. Be sure to have Bullet Impact Effects on in your settings for this. Shoot the wall without pulling down your mouse at all. You will see a common pattern with the weapon you’re using. Now shoot the same way by mirror the pattern of the recoil to counter act it. If the recoil goes far left, pull far right. You can see the picture above of me doing exactly this.
  • Shooting Dummies (non-moving) – This is a great method of practicing in game. Grab a gun with minimal or no attachments, if you can control a gun with low attachments then controlling it with attachments should be easy. Now from varying distances practice shooting at the dummy of your choosing. You want to take your time and really learn to control the recoil of the weapon.
  • Shooting Dummies (moving) – This is the same as above, but this time you should move left and right while firing. Keeping your reticle focused on the target. This is going to help build your left and right hand coordination. You rarely ever stand still, or shoot standing still targets in apex legends. You can also do this without shooting, just building the coordination needed for when you do get into a gun fight.
  • Crosshair Placement (Extra tip) – Learning to have your reticle positioned in a way where the enemies are going to walk into it can give you the first shot advantage in a gun fight. This means do not be staring at the ground or weird places when you know enemies are coming.

These are the three base ways you can practice recoil, remember recoil control also comes with playing the game. You should slowly get better at controlling each weapons recoil. If there is a gun you’re really bad with, do not be afraid to pick it up and train with it.

Aim Lab Routine For Apex Legends

Now Apex Legends is a tracking heavy game. Snapping to targets is flashy, but not really the main concern with Apex Legends. Below I’m going to go over the best routines I could find for beginner level training, but some will be quite hard. Remember to use ADS if you’re practicing ADS in Aim Lab.

Best Aim Lab Routines for Apex Legends

  • Apex: Dazs – Thin Gauntlet Tracking – This routine helps you learn to smoothly track a target as they are either running Infront of you or strafing. You might feel shaky at first doing this routine, but in due time you will lose that shakiness. The end result will be a smooth aim.
  • Popcorn Easy – This will help you get use to following targets jumping high in the air, this can be a Valkyrie ult, or a Octane jump. You will get use to moving to a moving target and tracking something going above your head.
  • Microshot – This task will help you micro flick to a target. This is beyond useful for guns such as the wingman. Where the target is moving slightly left or right causing you to flick to them.
  • Apex: Dazs – Low Ground Tracking – Yet another task from Dazs, this task will help you get use to aiming down at a target. Which can feel quite odd the first time you do it. Remember, do not reset your aim once you’re looking down. You’re not going to reset your aim after looking down on someone in game.
  • Apex Staircaise 1v1 – This is going to help you track a strafing target while moving yourself. Focus A and D movements while avoiding the projectiles. I love this one since its a humanoid.
  • VT Close Fast Strafes invincible – This one is going to seem really hard at first, but you’ll get use to it. Its going to help with your tracking while hipfiring.
  • All Tracking Task – Any tracking task is going to help with aim in Apex Legends. Feel free to check out more of Dazs task or something more serious like a Voltaic Playlist.

You notice I did not tell you a exact amount of training to do, or which exact playlist to do. I gave you a few to try to get you going. You’re going to have to be the one who sees what task you’re weak in and where you need to apply more effort. If a task is super hard for you, I’d recommend doing that and dropping easier task. This way you have to improve.

Secret Way To Aim Train For Apex Legends

Now calling this a secret might be a little bit of clickbait. Although I do not see many people discussing this. Apex Aim Trainer, this aim trainer isn’t the prettiest but it has some insane benefits that can combine everything above all into one.

  • Recoil Control & Weapons – Apex Aim Trainer takes the weapons as close as it can from Apex Legends. They also mimic the recoil pattern and the lead on the weapons. This allows you to train every single weapon to a closer degree than Aim Lab could give you.
  • Advanced Bots – Apex Aim Trainer also has advanced bots, these bots move faster than anyone you will encounter in Apex Legends. You can practice hipfire or ADS on these bots. I feel like this helped me progress in Apex Legends way faster than sitting in firing range or Aim Lab.
  • Attachments & Ability To Edit The Map – Another final note about this aim trainer is you can edit the map to suit your needs. You also can pick the attachments of the weapons. Apex Aim Trainer does not have all the weapons in the game but it has almost all of the favorite’s.

Soon I will create a full guide for Apex Aim Trainer. I will update it here once its been created. Remember nothing beats practicing in game. If you want to improve you have to be able to see where you’re struggling though.


I recommend buying Apex Aim Trainer so you can train for Apex Legends, but the routine posted above should help create a the general guidelines for what you need to improve on. Remember, even with the best shot you need to have map knowledge, game sense, and movement to climb past others.