Aim Lab Ultimate Gridshot Guide (100k+ Score)

Gridshot is the most flashy of all the task on Aim Lab. We’ve all seen Tenz hitting insane numbers between his Valorant rounds as a show of his skill. The number 100,000 seems to be the number everyone wants to hit. I’m going to show you how I hit over 100,000 on gridshot, and even better how I average 100,000 on grid shot.

What Are The Pros & Cons of Gridshot in Aim Lab?

If anyone takes aim training seriously, they will be quick to tell you how little gridshot helps you. It’s almost never useful in-game, but I do believe gridshot has some pros.


  • Helps with mouse control.
  • Helps quickly adjust to new sensitivity, settings, or grips.
  • Is a very fun way to warm up.


  • Translates to nearly no games.
  • Does not train any core skills.
  • Waste of time to do for long periods versus other tasks.

How Scoring Works in Aim Lab’s Gridshot

Gridshot scoring changes on numerous factors. The speed and accuracy of which you hit a target can give you more or less score. Faster and more accurate kills give you higher score per target hit.

Here is a example run and the stats you need to be focused on for the magic score of 100,000.

Best Aim Lab’s Gridshot Routine For Quick Improvement

This is the exact routine I used to get a higher gridshot score. This same logic will also help you improve on any task you complete.

100% Accuracy on Gridshot – 5 Times

Start gridshot, and focus fully on accuracy. This helps build the muscle memory needed to snap to the target. You will naturally notice a speed improvement over time while doing this.

Focused Speed Run – 2 Times

You need to go as fast as you can on this run while you maintain some degree of accuracy. Focus speed, but aim for a 87% or higher accuracy rate. The main goal is to get your time to kill lower.

If you find yourself improving at one of these faster than the other, try focusing on the one you need to improve more at. You should see near-instant results from following this routine.

More Task to Help With Gridshot Improvement

We’re going to go over a few task you can implement into your routine if you’d like to improve on gridshot. These task are also way more helpful in the long run on improving overall mouse control and flicking.

  • Sixshot Ultimate – This is smaller dots that spawn further away from each other. If you can hit the smaller dots, you can hit the larger dots. This will also help with muscle memory on small micro adjustments and broad flicks to smaller targets.
  • Microshot Ultimate – This is targets of varying sizes spawning close to each other. This will help with micro-flicks to targets.
  • Spidershot Ultimate – This spawns targets further away from each other to help you practice your flicks. It also makes you snap back to the middle of your screen to help with resetting.
  • Linetrace Ultimate – This helps you notice the flaws in your movement from target to target. Doing this will make it so your lines to targets are cleaner, and faster by removing sloppiness from your flicks.

These tasks are better for your overall core aiming mechanics. Grinding these will help your gridshot score explode, and then you can have that flashy 100,000 score.

Conclusions & Why You May Not Be Improving

These are the exact task I used to help reach my goal of 100,000. Remember, this takes time. You will have up and down days. Doing gridshot one hundred times in a single day won’t give you much benefit. Train until you feel like it’s been too much, and go play. Most gains come day to day, not in a single day. Stay consistent, stay motivated. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or if you have a better way to train.

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