Aim Lab Sixshot Ulitmate Guide

Sixshot on Aim Lab is extreme gridshot. You have to flick to smaller targets with extreme precision. Unlike gridshot, this offers benefits to in-game scenarios. These small targets will help you perform accurate and smooth flicks. The dots are static though, meaning you may not see much improvement on flicking to moving targets.

How Scoring Works in Aim Lab’s Sixshot

The scoring works the same as gridshots scoring. The faster and quicker you hit targets the more points you receive. Missing targets also vary in value, but missing multiple in a row at a slower pace seems to make you lose more points.

Sixshot Improvement Routine

This is close to the routine I used to get over 100,000 average points on gridshot. I’ve gotten close to 100,000 on sixshot but I haven’t crossed that point yet.

100% Accuracy on Sixshot – 4 Times

Focus accuracy, accuracy is key! If a target is hard to hit, hit it. Do your best to not jump around from target to target after choosing which one you’re going to shoot next. You want to train your weaknesses, and if you skip around you will be avoiding them.

Speed Run – 1 Time

I would not really call this a full speed run. Do the same as above, focus accuracy but go quicker. You can afford to miss a few shots. The reason this is important is to build how quickly you can move your mouse. Being able to snap to a target accurately and quickly is the goal.

More Task to Help With Sixshot Improvement

These task will help your overall skill while helping improve at sixshot. This does not replace a full routine but it does help you learn to hit static targets of varying size. I also included moving small targets. Most targets in-game are moving, so training only static targets can cause you to whiff in game.

  • VCT NA YAY – This task has smaller dots like sixshot but they are moving at varying speed. This will help you snap to moving small targets. This also helps improve snapping to static targets.
  • Headshot (Precision) – This is flicking to small targets that do not change in height. This helps you truly figure out how much you can flick with your wrist before using arm movements.
  • Ascent A Main: Headshot Training – You may not play Valorant but this task offers different size targets. This helps snap to static targets that are in varying sizes.
  • Linetrace Ultimate – Linetrace is very beneficial for helping you obtain smooth mouse movements. Making sure your snaps are in direct lines instead of curving at certain angles. This can be a easy way to increase your speed by improving your lines.


Sixshot helps you more in-game than gridshot does. It should help increase mouse control quicker, and help you notice some of the core issues you have with your aim. This can be demotivating at first, but issues do mean there is room to improve. Check out my other Aim Lab articles and let me know what you think in the comments.