Aim Lab Ranks Full BreakDown & How To Increase Aim Lab Rank Quickly

Aim Lab’s ranking system is a bit complex and can be manipulated easily, We don’t believe it offers much value over just focusing on your improvement of scores over time. Yet, we will go over all the ranks and more.

All Aim Lab Ranks and Point Values Per Rank

This is all of the ranks in Aim Lab and their point value.

Aim Lab Full RanksPoints For AimLab Ranks
Bronze IV28
Bronze III56
Bronze II83
Bronze I111
Silver IV139
Silver III167
Silver II194
Silver I222
Gold IV250
Gold III278
Gold II306
Gold I333
Platinum IV361
Platinum III389
Platinum II417
Platinum I444
Ruby IV472
Ruby III500
Ruby II528
Ruby I556
Emerald IV583
Emerald III611
Emerald II639
Emerald I667
Diamond IV694
Diamond III722
Diamond II750
Diamond I778
Master IV806
Master III833
Master II861
Master I889
Grandmaster IV917
Grandmaster III944
Grandmaster II972
Grandmaster I1000

These are all the Aim Lab ranks and their score values. Below we’re going to blitz though some common questions surrounding the Aim Lab ranking system, then go over how to get a higher rank quickly.

What Is The Average Aim Lab Rank

Ruby III is the average rank said by a mod in the Aim Lab thread on Reddit. The dev also said they are eventually going to release something that shows all players rank.

Is there an Aim Lab Leaderboard?

There is an Aim Lab Leaderboard. You can see the leaderboard by going to this website You can also see the leaderboard of any task by going into Aim Labs and viewing that task in-game.

How To Find My Aim Lab Rank?

You can find your Aim Lab rank by clicking your profile in the top right-hand corner after opening Aim Lab. You can also share your rank by clicking the “view online profile” part of this section.

How Does Aim Lab’s Ranking System Work

Aim Lab takes the average of your scores in a given category. They do this by using your last 100 plays of a task, which seems like a lot but if you play enough it’s quite fair. They then take this average and compare it to others. Your rank will be set based on this.

So remember It takes a lot of games to reach a true score, its best you focus on your baseline scores versus trying your hardest to increase overall ranked. Aim Lab is meant to help you improve, not being a competitive game itself.

How To Quickly Increase Aim Lab Rank

Play lesser-known tasks, and focus on a high score. If you play a lesser-known task for some reason Aim Lab will see you above other players. You can easily raise your score by doing this but we believe playing the main task Aim Lab started you off on at the start is the best way to receive your true rank versus fluffing it up.

To increase your rank you will need to increase your average score in each category. You can see the categories on the left-hand side of the screen after selecting training at the top. If you have a low score in anything on your Aim Lab profile, just focus on the category of which you have a lower score.

Does Aim Lab Rank Matter

No! It really does not matter. What matters is your mouse control, and how much you’re improving overall. Comparing yourself to others who could have thousands of more hours than you is a sure way to be let down. Focus on your improvement and your improvement alone.

How To Reset My Aim Lab Rank

You can reset your Aim Lab rank by opening Aim Lab, Clicking your profile at the top right corner, and then clearing task data. This will reset your Aim Labs account.

If you’ve played a bunch of random tasks, went AFK through them and other things this could also help improve your rank quicker since you won’t have so many low scores holding you down.

What is Tenz Aim Lab Rank

Tenz I believe is Grandmaster in Aim Lab, His scores are simply insane. I’m not sure if he plays other categories but he is 100% Grandmasters in those he tries in.

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