ADS Toggle Versus ADS Hold (Full Comparison)


ADS toggle versus ADS hold is an argument for many games that have the option available. Valorant and Apex Legends is commonly where I hear this argument. I’m going to break down some common beliefs, and reason why people may prefer one or the other. I will also tell you which I think is better.

Ads Toggle Breakdown

ADS toggle can make you feel more accurate, especially if you aim train. The reason for this could be while aim training people rarely ads, or when generally playing a game you may not ADS. The added pressure from pressing right click could strain your hand and make your shot slightly less accurate if it’s something you aren’t use to accounting for. Some people also struggle to click both at the same time without feeling uncomfortable.

Pros & Cons of Toggle ADS

Here are some pros and cons of ADS toggle hold. Remember we’re mainly going off games like Apex Legends and Valorant for this.


  • More Comfortable for people who feel wrist strain.
  • Allows for full focus on hitting your targets.
  • Can make mouse control feel better due to removal of added pressure and friction.


  • Lots of games do not have a option for toggle ADS.
  • Using ADS at the wrong time could result in aggravating deaths from being stuck in ADS versus just letting go of right click. You will have to be smarter while using ADS to avoid this.
  • Many games using toggle ads, or any other toggle based features are often slower than the hold options. Holding also provides more control over what your character is doing at any given time.

The aiming type you use is preference. There could be numerous pros and cons added to this list based of user feedback. Games like PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS launched with zero option to hold ADS. We’ve seen what players like Shroud can do on toggle or hold, so anything is possible.

ADS Hold Breakdown

ADS hold is what I use, and it seems to be the most common. The added pressure that strains some peoples hands can give added control to others. This strain does create wrist pain for me after a very long session of apex legends. I will say if you’re aim training please be sure to train using the aiming method most common for the game you’re playing. Example being ADS for Apex Legends, and not using ADS for a game like Valorant.

Pros & Cons of ADS Hold

Here are the pros and cons I’ve found from using ADS hold. Remember again, I am using my experience of testing both on games like Apex Legends or Valorant.


  • Way more control than toggle ads. Having to click versus simply letting go can make quite the time difference in sticky situations. This is something you can get use though.
  • More control from the added pressure, making hitting your shots smoother. I notice this is most common at mid to far range. Closer up on my testing I noticed I was more accurate while using toggle. This is something I have to work on.
  • ADS Hold has been shown to be faster in numerous games with ADS times.


  • Higher risk of wrist pain or injury. After gaming for long periods I typically notice wrist pain. This wrist pain is less common for games I do not heavily use ADS.
  • If you aim train you may not ads. This means you’re never practicing your ADS aim creating inaccuracy while aiming in game. I was guilty of this until recently.
  • Added pressure to your mouse by right clicking can cause inaccuracy. You’re human so its impossible for you to add the exact pressure needed, this creates frictions which can make you slightly less accurate. Personally I never notice this, and I seem to be more accurate while using ADS. This is based off you and would require you do some testing.

There are numerous other pros and cons to these two. If you have any you’d like to see added please leave a comment, or contact me.

Conclusion to the ADS toggle Versus ADs Hold Debate

Its all preference! You should always do what is most comfortable to you as long as its healthy. The real issue with these options is developers neglecting them. Every game should have both of these options, especially if it’s a competitive game. I use hold ads, and the only thing I have to say is if you’re beginning to aim train be sure to actually train ADS.

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