7 Days To Die – Where To Mine Oil Shales For Gasoline Production

Are you tired of running out of gas? We going out to mine Oil Shales can fix this issue and give you thousands of gasoline in a short period of time. You can mine Oil Shales with a pickaxe but I’d really recommend securing yourself an auger before mining this amazing resource.

7 Days To Die: Where to Find Oil Shales & How To Mine Them

Well, depending on your map the only spot to find Oil Shales is in the desert biome. If you’re on the default map then this is located on the bottom right of the map. This area can be quite hard for a beginner due to its weather. The vein will go around 20 blocks deep, which should get you plenty of gasoline. If you’re gaming default settings you can easily gain 1000+ gasoline.

Now that you’ve found the location, look for a rock like this one. This is the very top of an Oil Shale deposit. You can dig much deeper under this for more shales, as with other resource deposits in 7 Days To Die

One Oil Shale can craft 1 gasoline. This is very useful for gas production. Especially if you’re on a boosted server which I believe most are.

7 Days To Die: Uses For Oil Shales

Oil Shale’s main use is to create gasoline. You can also craft asphalt and oil with Oil Shales. They are one of the more late-game resources that really free up a ton of time by not having to mine cars or loot gas stations for gasoline.


Getting Oil Shales is required for megabases late game or when you begin traveling extra far with your cars. We think they are easy to get, just watch out for zombies falling into your mining holes.

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