7 Days To Die – How To Move Objects

Learning to move objects in 7 Days To Die is very important for redesigning your base as time goes on. Very often we believe a base design is great, and then on raid night, we lose everything due to some bad placement of our storage or other hard-to-get items like the crucible.

7 Days to Die: How to move Objects

Moving objects is fairly simple in 7 Days to die. You have to be sure you have a land claim block placed down, and the items were created before placing that land claim block down. Depending on your game mode only one player can use a land claim block in a given distance. That distance is 41×41 blocks unless adjusted in the server settings.

Now that you’ve got that handled you can go ahead and hold your interact key to move things around your base location. Remember to test your base design every raid night to prevent any sneaky zombies from attacking your base from an off angle. You don’t want all your workshops, and other movable items being destroyed. Land Claim Blocks cost 5 stone to craft in the current build of the game.

7 Days To Die: How To Allow Friends To Move Objects

Sadly at this time, there is no way for a friend to pick up items in someone else’s land claim block area. So be sure the person who is building is the one who creates the land claim for the group.


Moving objects in 7 Days To Die is quite easy. Just make sure you place your land claim block down before placing any objects, otherwise, you will have to destroy those objects to rebuild them.

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