7 Days To Die – How To Craft or Find a Crucible

The Crucible is one of the three tools that can be applied to your forge and is often one of the more sought after ones for early game. It will unlock the forges full potential, allowing for more advanced items to be created.

7 Days To Die: How To Craft A Cruciable

To craft a Crucible you need the required Advanced Engineering Level 5 perk or a blueprint that can be found while looting. To craft the Crucible head over to the workbench and bring the following resources with you.

  • 100 Forged Iron
  • 20 Mechanical Parts
  • 1200 Small Stone
  • 20 Oil
  • 900 Clay

Remember you need the Advanced Engineering Perk or the Schematic for the Crucible. The most valuable resource unlocked after creating the Crucible is access to Forged Steel crafting.

7 Days To Die: How To Find A Crucible Or Cruicable Schematic

Finding one is more likely than crafting one but it’s based on luck depending on the server settings. We found the best option to find one is in a hardware store while finding the schematics to build a Cruicable can be found by looting bookstores the quickest.

You may also get lucky and be able to purchase a Crucible at the trader, these are quite expensive and can cost over 7,000 coins depending on your perk layouts.


The Crucible is mainly for late games, so don’t sweat if you cant find one early game. If you do get lucky early game you can progress a lot further by having one. Just be sure to check out all book stores and other locations we mentioned to see if you can be one of the lucky ones.

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