7 Days To Die – How To Craft, Find And Use Duct Tape.

We will go over the uses of duct tape, how to craft it, and much more in this article. We hope this in-depth guide helps you with the questions you’re having

7 Days To Die: How To Craft Duct Tape

Crafting duct tape is quite simple. All you need to do is gather 1 Glue & 1 cloth. After having both of those items you can craft duct tape in your crafting menu. Crafting duct tape is our go-to method especially if you’re able to farm most of the ingredients.

7 Days To Die: How To Find Duct Tape

Finding Duct Tape is quite easy. It’s a very common resource found throughout the wasteland that can be obtained from searching numerous types of searchable objects. You can also find duct tape by searching zombies, making it more easily obtainable after a raid night.

7 Days To Die: Duct Tape Uses

Duct tape has many uses in a ton of items. Pretty much all high-end weapons, tools, and gear all require duct tape to craft. Duct tape is a must-have if you plan on crafting vehicles as well, since they will require duct tape to finish. We recommend setting up a glue farm as quickly as you can in-game. You can do this by finding an ear of super corn. Mixing Super Corn with murky water is an easy way to farm glue.


Crafting duct tape is quite simple and can be nearly automated with the correct farms in place. We hope this small guide has helped you get an understanding of what you can do with duct tape and its overall importance. Late game duct tape is one of the most important crafting resources in 7 Days To Die.

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